Nov · 21 · 2016

Following ISDI Coders' philosophy, on november the 26th we join forces again with NodeSchool to spread the knowledge of Node.js.

Node.js is one of the technologies within the curriculum of our Web Development Bootcamp. ISDI Coders proudly hosts NodeSchool's workshops.

The "workshopper" format was first created by Substack of the Internet in Summer 2013 when he wrote the stream-adventure workshopper. The defining characteristic of the workshopper is the interactvity and automation. Workshoppers are made up of challenges of increasing difficulty, starting from scratch. Each challenge starts by explaining a concept, and then presents a list of requirements for solving the challenge. Learners then try and write a computer program that satisfies the criteria.

Doors are open to everyone, with or without coding experience. There will be mentors who will solve attendants' questions.

You can find more information here