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In-house courses

In-house courses

12 weeks - 10 teaching hours per week
You will be required to spend time on it the rest of days (essential requirement)
Spanish and english documentation
Next dates:
November 8th 2018 - february 2nd 2019
February 21st 2019 - May 18th 2019
Thursdays: 18h - 21h
Fridays: 18h - 21h
Saturdays: 10h - 14h

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0 / Precourse - Programming fundamentals

Programming fundamentals in Javascript, HTML and CSS. Introduction to algorithms and study of the main data structures.


  • Create an interactive game in the browser
  • Apply foundational programming skills to game logic


Build a front-end game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and eventually other JS libraries such as jQuery or Underscore.

1 / Front End


  • Build a single page application using a real JS framework
  • Proficient Javascript in versions ES5, ES6, Babel, ESNext
  • Properly use a Javascript framework like React (components, states, SPA)
  • Consume external API’s via http to display application data
  • Understand and automate the build process of an asyncronous front-end application (async, await)
  • Understand modern techniques to make the website responsive for mobile devices
  • Get started using CVS with GIT
  • Start applying agile methodologies and workflows
  • Testing (TDD with Vanilla Javascript and Jasmine)


Build a single page application with HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript & jQuery and eventually a framework like Backbone/AngularJS/ReactJS for an e-commerce that will consume data from Firebase.

Final profiles


Hemos incorporado Firebase para que los estudiantes podáis levantar un servidor y una base de datos sencilla utilizando esta tecnología por si se requiere persistencia de datos en vuestros proyectos.


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Professional mentoring:

For the front-end development program, we collaborate with a team of professional technical headhunters who mentor our students in the preparation and landing process in the labor market.