New collaboration agreement with Accenture

We have reached a collaboration agreement with Accenture, one of the most influential companies in the world in strategic and technological consulting. The quality of the profiles that we train at ISDI Coders has caught their attention and they will play an active role during the bootcamps, giving our students the option of starting their career as programmers with them.

We are working closely with employers and recruiters to facilitate that our students get fully employed after completing our programmes. We also work with our students to understand their motivations and match them with the right position in the right Company.

This is a small sample of the companies that we are proudly working with.

Online Companies

These are some of the online companies where some of our alumni are working as web developers. Some of them were startups, but today are high caliber tech companies.

Non Online Companies

Companies from several industries have web development teams for their websites or the online part of their products.


These are some of the online startup companies where some of our alumni are currently working for.

IT Agencies

Hire our students

The program culminates in professional development training and interview preparation, so that our students will have the ability to articulate their skills to employers and negotiate multiple job offers.

The Demo Day at the end of the course allow them to show what they have learned in the Academy to their friends, family, former Students and, more importantly, our Recruitment partners.

Hire talent at ISDI Coders

Speed up your selection process

Our newly graduates are passionate developers, hungry for creative and demanding projects. Each graduate has a portfolio of work that they are keen to share and show off their work.

Want to join our community of companies? Send us an email.